Orders paid via EFT will only be dispatched once payment reflects on our Bank Statement.

Orders paid with Credit Cards/Cheque Cards will be dispatched on the day of which order has been placed.


We will be open throughout the festive season.

We will only be closed on the following Public Holidays:
16, 25 – 27 December & 1 January 2018

Our Warehouse and Production department will be closing the 19th of December and no Bulk Order will be accepted from the 19th of December – 3rd of January 2018. We will be open again for Bulk Orders on Tuesday, the 3rd of January 2018.

Internet Orders will also be accepted up to the 19th of December. Any orders placed thereafter will be dispatched on the 3rd of January 2018.



20,00 ZAR each Pecan & Cashew Nougat 100g SH1SWEET01

8,00 ZAR each Turkish Delight Rose 70g SH1SWEET05

8,00 ZAR each Nutty Almond Bar 50g SH1SWEET09

4,00 ZAR each Nutty Seed Bar 50g SH1SWEET10

10,00 ZAR each Plain Nougat 50g Sh1SWEET11

10,00 ZAR each Vanilla Fudge 165g SH1SWEET12

20,00 ZAR each Macadamia Nougat 100g SH1SWEET13

20,00 ZAR each SH Cran & Mac Nougat 100g SH1SWEET18

50,00 ZAR each Rice Krispies 24 x 20g 6130663604

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