Ambassador Foods was originally founded in 1990 known as Savannah Trust. Its first factory was a converted cottage on a farm on the outskirts of White River. When the business started, the initial focus was to add as much as possible value to the macadamia harvest on the farm. Soon after Savannah Trust started supplying macadamias exclusively to Woolworths, Woolworths entrust them with their full nut related snack line.

The Savannah Trust name changed to Nuts Are Us in 1996 due to an infringement notice by the Savanna liquor brand. In 1999 Great Cape Nut Company was established with the majority shares held by Nuts Are Us. The purpose of this business was to secure additional imported products for Nuts Are Us and to develop the local wholesale market. Nuts Are Us then started to supply the whole nut related snack range for Woolworths. Nut Trade International who were importing and selling wholesale to Nuts Are Us, mainly for the Johannesburg wholesale market, were incorporated into Nuts Are Us around 2000.

During 2003 it was decided to integrate all the businesses into one. Nut Trade International was merged first in 2003 and Great Cape Nut Company followed in 2004. In 2004, shares were obtained in Global Nut Holdings which was a major supplier to Nuts Are Us. Global Nut Holdings focused on the primary processing and exports of South African peanuts and pecan nuts.

Global Nut Holdings incorporation subsequently followed in 2005. In 2005 Nuts Are Us had a name change due to a contravention notice from Toys ‘R Us USA. Nuts Are Us was then changed to Ambassador Foods of which the company owned the local and international brand and registered names.
Ambassador Foods is currently based in White River, Mpumalanga.

Ambassador Foods (PTY) Ltd Head Office is based in White River. We specialize in the import and local procurement of all varieties of edible nuts, dried fruits, seeds and related snack products.
Our activities include the roasting, dry-roasting, production of Granola Bars as well as Nut butter processing in our factory in White River. We also distribute Bulk Nut and Dried Fruit products throughout South Africa. Our state of the art “High Care Facility” is based in White River where we employ about 200 people, providing much needed employment opportunities in the area.  The facility is dedicated to the exclusive processing and packaging for Woolworths SA.


To build something we can be proud of, through keeping it simple, making it beautiful and doing what is best for the business. Uniting our principles through a high sense of urgency, attention to detail and zero tolerance, we create a freedom within a set of parameters for the growth and development of each employee, by maintaining the synergy between customer and supplier, to ensure customer service and experience that will meet and exceed all expectations.

Our Values and Behaviors

  • Open/clear communication channels both internally & externally
  • Our Employees, Customers & Suppliers matter the most
  • Reliable, Dependable & Credible Service
  • We change our world one step at a time by living out principles
  • Developing an environment of self-worth & belonging both internally & externally


Ambassador Foods’ Purpose is to be the preferred supplier of a variety of edible nuts, dried fruit, seeds and related snack products in South Africa and Global Markets. We supply the highest quality products, backed by the most reliable supply, supported by our highest standard processing facility and our logistics infrastructure, ensuring our premium products are delivered at the best price to our customer.


Current Company Profile

Ambassador Foods would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Private Label manufacture based in South Africa, packing a wide range of raw nuts, roasted & salted nuts and savory nuts, nut & fruit mixes. Our current operations are purely Private Label manufacturing for Woolworths South Africa in various categories.

We are proud to state that through Woolworths South Africa we own about 40% of the South African nut & nut and fruit business.

Ambassador Foods received the Best Supplier award in the Quality section for 2015. With our excellent supply chain management, established over the years, we maintain the highest quality control and most reliable supply. Being in the industry form more than 25 years, we have an extensive knowledge of this market and also the potential that it holds.


Ambassador Foods Product Range consists of the following:

  • Variety of Granola
  • Health Bars
  • Muesli
  • Breakfast Mixes
  • Various Snack Mixes
  • Raw Nuts
  • Roasted and Spiced Nuts
  • Seed and Seed Mixes
  • Organic Products
  • Local and Imported Dried Fruits
  • Fudges
  • Turkish Delight
  • Protein & Energy Bars
  • Spreads
  • Nougats
  • Brittles

A full list of products is available on request.


Quality Control

Ambassador Foods has stringent quality control measures in place with the required backup to service the retail market. Ambassador Foods boasts an in-house quality control department, led by an experienced, qualified food technologist.

The production is supported by a full time internal technical and maintenance team. The ability of Ambassador Foods to supply the best possible quality products is regularly audited by international bodies such as IBL and FSSC.

Our Certifications are as follows:

  • FSSC 22000
  • Halaal
  • Kosher
  • IBL
  • EcoCert Organic